In-the-field capture of tenure rights by communities and individuals using mobile devices. Claims can be uploaded to a Community Server for review and moderation. Existing tenure data, aerial and satellite imagery can be cached on the device to support data capture in areas with no internet connectivity.

Open Tenure is a mobile application developed for both Android and iOS devices that allows citizen recording of tenure rights.  People designated as Community Recorders use their mobile device in the field to record details of a tenure right claim describing the tenure right and all owners (rightholders) and a map of the boundaries of the land claimed. Photos of the owner(s), the land claimed and supporting documents can captured and linked directly to the claim.

When the recording of a claim is complete, the Community Recorder uploads a claim to the Community Server for community based review and moderation. The Community Server web application also publishes “community recognized” tenure rights and can generate a certificate for owners of a recognized tenure right. Open Tenure is designed to work where internet connections are unavailable or unreliable. Likewise, Community Server can be implemented for internet access (typically through an IaaS Cloud Server) or on as a stand-alone PC connected to a wireless router allowing mobile devices loaded with Open Tenure to upload and download claims/recognized tenure rights and imagery data wirelessly.

To install the Open Tenure app, click the button appropriate for your device. 

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When Open Tenure starts, you will be presented with a tutorial explaining how to initialize and use Open Tenure. To log into the demonstration site, use the following credentials;

User:            test

Password:   test

Note that both the user and password are case sensitive.